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As a visionary in the luxury “designer” jewelry market John Hardy’s collections reflect the direct synergies of today’s hottest trends and artisan craftsmanship. What makes this line of jewelry even more special is how John Hardy promotes a heavy focus towards “going green” by implementing energy-efficient programs to lower their impact on the global environment.

Gloss and Glam absolutely loves John Hardy; their designs and the values they evoke. This holiday season, why not give the gift of beauty and promote a better earth for us all by shopping this fashion forward, glamorous and sophisticated collection!

Gloss and Glam has handpicked our favorite pieces from the John Hardy Women’s Holiday Gift Guide, just for you!

Our Top John Hardy Holiday Gifts for Women are filled with statement and timeless pieces we know will definitely be a topic of conversation at any holiday soirée you attend. These Sterling Silver and 18 karat gold baubles are adorned with only the best in precious stones such as rubies, amethysts and sapphires; adding a subtle pop of color to your look that will brighten up your holiday. Let’s take a look shall we?

John Hardy has segmented looks into categories making it easier for you to shop. We have chosen our favorite looks based on these great categories.There were so many great options to choose from, it was very difficult to pick!


1) From the DOT COLLECTION, this Two Fingered Ring with Amethyst and Swiss Blue Topaz ($1,995) is a major cocktail ring, perfect for the fashion forward “it girl” in your life! The heavy saturation of color that glows from within this ring can mesmerize any onlooker. Just know, by wearing this ring any women will stand out from the crowd, anywhere they go!

2) From the CLASSIC CHAIN COLLECTION this Small Braided Bracelet with Black Sapphire ($795) is stunning and is great for everyday wear to that special evening out with your loved ones. The heavy braiding with the sapphire pendant is sophisticated, luxurious, and timeless – a perfect Holiday gift.

3) From the NAGA COLLECTION, the Kick Cuff with Ruby Accents in Sterling Silver & 18K Gold ($4,750) is a power bangle! Feel the energy of the dragon fill your body when showing it off, paired with your favorite items from your closet. Just don’t be surprised when the bangle is getting all the attention!

4) From the DOT COLLECTION, these Round Stud Earrings all in Sterling Silver & 18K Gold ($495) are a beautiful gift for a more simple character. They stand out on their own but are a great everyday earring to show off how fashionable you really are! These earrings make a perfect gift for the girl or woman who has it all but wants something extraordinary and special.

5) From the PALU COLLECTION, this Medium Drop Pendant Necklace on a Sterling Silver Chain ($595)is timeless and perfect for every woman. Simple, Elegant, and effortless is what comes to mind when viewing this great piece of jewelry. The pendant will make a great gift, matching anything she decides to wear it with, all day and every day.


There is something for everyone in the John Hardy collection no matter your budget may be. Any and all of these extraordinary pieces of jewelry are great gifting options for that special woman in your life. We really love how versatile John Hardy’s designs are and how easy they make it to transition from day to evening. Something women are always looking for in great accessories.

P.S: Just in case you ladies are interested in shopping John Hardy for the special man in your life! We also Love these Bronze Square Cufflinks in Sterling Silver & Bronze ($295)! They are sure to add subtle pizazz to a man’s wardrobe. But the best part is, they will automatically think of you when wearing them!

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays.