Halloween. What to be- what to be. Halloween is the perfect time to try out crazy makeup ideas and your most creative costume ideas. Some work places don’t want you to come into work dripping in blood and missing an ear or dressed like your favorite Breaking Bad character. You can however, get away with subtle, simple, but classy costumes (some people may not even notice!)


Be an actor or actress from a classic film. Pick two or three staples that define their character and you’ve got yourself a costume. Patricia from Breathless is a lovely to go. Use black liner for a perfect cat eye and match with a stripped shirt.


Joan Harris from Mad Men is also a good pick. Go for a classic 1960s style dress and red lip. Perfection for a daytime or work time costume.


Jackie O. Lauren Bacall from Casablanca. Maria from West Side Story. These are all go-to, simple and classy ideas!


What are your favorite work time or daytime costume or makeup ideas?