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Maybe you steer clear of color correctors at the makeup store because you don’t understand how they work, or maybe because you can’t comprehend why you would put purple or green makeup on your face. Well, stop running from color correctors and start thanking them—as they work better than any concealer or foundation you’ll pick up!

Color correctors work much more effectively because they neutralize the color, as opposed to covering it up. Concealer and foundation can give off a cake-like appearance due to the fact that some women apply more than needed because they’re not getting the coverage they want. By using color corrector before concealer and foundation, you completely alleviate that problem.

Color correctors are more than just matching shades for your skin tone. This is because they don’t—they come in colors like purple, yellow and green. We know, this sounds a little crazy, but let us explain:

  • Green: It is used to cover up redness, such as blemishes or rosacea.
  • Yellow: Have dark circles under your eyes and concealer isn’t cutting it? This is what you’re looking for. The yellow tint will neutralize the purple bags.
  • Lavender: If you feel like you look somewhat drawn out or a little yellow, the purple will counteract the yellow.
  • Peach: This is used to cover just about anything dark, such as dark spots or veins.
  • White: You only need this if you’re trying to highlight your features. It doesn’t cover much, but it will add extra illumination to your skin.

If you’re going shopping for color corrections, we suggest the following:

  • MAC’s Select Cover-Up, $17: This is a peach color corrector. It can be used to cover up anything! You might not even need any foundation or concealer with it. Since this is peach, there are various shades to choose from to match you skin color.
  • Stila One-Step Correct primer, $36: Stila made the ultimate color corrector. Within the corrector is three different color shades—green, lavender and peach. Expect nothing but the best coverage from this color corrector!
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting primer, $38: These are great color correctors because not only do they cover up, but they work as foundation too. The only downfall is that the different color shades are sold individually. They will give you awesome coverage along with a flawless matte finish.
  • Makeup Forever HD Microperforming primer, $34: Like Smashbox’s color correctors, these are sold separately based on color that is desired. They are oil-free and sit lightly on your skin.